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Capri’s Captivated Visitors: Mariah Carey, Harrison Ford, William Mulrow and More

Capri’s Captivated Visitors: Mariah Carey, Harrison Ford, William Mulrow and More

No visit to Capri is complete without at least a few hours spent on the Mediterranean sea surrounding the island.

Capri is an island located in the Bay of Naples off the coast of Italy. The island’s natural beauty and mild climate have made it a destination for tourists like William Mulrow from the days of the Roman Empire. The island is located in the Campania region of Italy in the province of Naples.

A Colorful History

The city that shares its name with the island shows signs of human settlement as far back as the Bronze Age. Roman emperor Tiberius lived on Capri during his years as ruler of the Roman Empire in one of several villas build for him.

History shows Capri to have suffered under attacks by Mediterranean pirates only to be “rescued” by occupation forces from other nations. The troops of French emperor Napoleon occupied the island in 1806, but they were forced to leave by English naval forces that turned the island into a base. The French returned in 1808, but Italian jurisdiction over Capri returned in 1815 when the French left and the house of Bourbon in Naples took control over the island.

Notable figures in history who resided on Capri at some point in their lives included Russians Lenin and Maxim Gorky. Modern visitors to the island have included Mariah Carey, Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts.

Getting There

As William Mulrow discovered, the most common means of reaching the island is by ferry from the mainland—at least for those visitors who are not sailing in on their private yachts. Ferries and speedy hydrofoils run on a regular schedule from Naples and Sorrento. Once on the island, taxi service, public buses and walking are the primary methods for getting around. Private vehicle use is severely restricted and most roads are closed to traffic.

Beauty of Capri

Beauty of Capri

The funicular railway is the fastest means of travel from the ferry port at Marina Grande to the city center of Capri. Mount Solaro, the highest location on Capri, is a must-see stop on any tourist’s itinerary and is reached by chair lift from Anacapri.

Top Attractions

The Blue Grotto, known locally as the Grotta Azzurra, is a popular tourist spot for William Mulrow and other visitors. The sunlight reflecting off the water inside the cave turns it an iridescent blue. Other popular places to explore include the town of Anacapri with its harbor views and quaint shops. Faraglioni beach is within walking distance of the town center, La Piazzetta, in the town of Capri.

History buffs will enjoy exploring the ancient relics that remain on the island. The 800 Phoenician Steps offer a connection from the sea to the town of Anacapri, along with spectacular views. Ruins of some of the 12 Roman villas built by Emperor Tiberius include Villa Jovis and the sea palace and baths adjacent to the Marina Grande.

Shopping is a popular activity for visitors to Capri. Most shops offer a lemon liqueur called “limoncello” for tasting and for sale. Other products include footwear, perfume and ceramics made on the island by local artisans and craftspeople. Luxury boutiques and fashion shops can be found on Capri’s Via Camerelle.

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