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Home Environment Technology

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 in Products | 0 comments

Winter is now upon us and Jack Frost has officially arrived. Although the cold winter air can be an uncomfortable experience, winter is a...

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One of the Best Tablets of 2014

Posted on Nov 26, 2014 in Products | 0 comments

One of the best tablets of 2014 is yours when you complete an order between Black Friday and Christmas. Tablets are on everyone’s...

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Where Will A Portable Power Supply Take You?

Posted on Jul 22, 2014 in Products | 0 comments

A portable power supply is often the one thing most people in business and industry wish they had with them. Working in today’s...

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Best Laptops of 2014

Posted on May 26, 2014 in Featured Articles, Products | 0 comments

When shopping for a laptop, the choices seem endless. A good rule of thumb when shopping is to buy from a trusted brand or a brand that...

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Asus G750 Gaming Laptop

Posted on Oct 10, 2013 in Featured Articles, Products | 0 comments

With the launch of Intel’s new 4th Generation Intel Core processors, ASUS has unveiled the new G750 gaming laptop, featuring the...

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Laminate and Protect Your Work

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 in Products | 0 comments

Laminating technology allows quick and easy protection that will help preserve your work. This is helpful for visuals, art, cutout, tests,...

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Multimedia Presentations with The Venu XD 1070 Projector

Posted on Mar 24, 2013 in Products | 0 comments

Doing a multimedia presentation for business or for school can be a very stressful task. There is not only the fear of public speaking,...

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Custom Display Enclosures

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 in Products | 0 comments

Television has revolutionized the way we watch media. Now with Smart HDTV we can take media and displays to another level. It will...

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POC Receptor BUG Helmet With Beats Audio

Posted on Dec 16, 2012 in 800HighTech, Products, Random | 0 comments

Just when you thought Beats Audio couldn’t branch out further from its music production roots the designer audio brand has unveiled its...

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GoPro Cameras Train Athletes To Perform Better

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 in 800HighTech, Products, Video | 1 comment

The versatility of GoPro cameras has been picked up by athletes to help improving training and performance. POV camera’s, often used by...

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