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Charge Devices With Wireless Powermat

Charge Devices With Wireless Powermat

Powermat allows you to charge several mobile devices simultaneously, without wires.....

Over the last two years, wireless chargers have bloomed from a novelty design concept into safe workable product that could shape the future of how we power up our devices.

Now Michigan-based HoMedics Powermat North America (HPNA) has released the worlds first wireless charger to the public, the Powermat.

powermat wireless charger

Powermat Wireless Charger

“Designed to replace the need to access multiple electrical sockets with the flexibility and freedom of wireless power for real-time powering and charging of electronic devices of almost any kind in almost any environment…

“Powermat technology brings safe, simple, and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces including walls, tables, floors and desktops.”

The Powermat comes in 5 different varieties, each model is designed for use in a particular environment, Home, Bedside, Desk, Travel, or with your PC.

Depending on the model, the mats can simultaneously charge 3-6 devices, cutting down on messy wires, energy consumption and freeing up valuable power sources for other electrical devices.

Power comes in two parts, a mat that plugs into your wall socket, and magnetic receivers that connect to your device.

With the receiver attached to you handheld device, they magnetically lock to the Powermat and begin charging.

You’ll find tailor-made connectors and docks for various popular devices including Blackberry, Motorola Razor, all Apple devices and even rechargable batteries. Other portable devices can be charged via a universal magnetic pad or via a wire using the USB power disks.

Whilst current technology still calls for the use of different receivers for different devices, the developers of wireless chargers are hoping that manufacturers will begin to included built-in receivers in all portable electronics.

Although there is still a little fine tunning to come before a device like Powermat really hits the mainstream, it is a huge step in the right direction.

Powermat is currently the only wireless charger on the market, however several other large corporations will soon join the rat race.

Toward the end of last year Logitech, Philips, Sanyo, Panasonic, TI, National Semiconductor, ConvenientPower, and Fulton Innovation grouped togther to form the Wireless Power Consortium. The group also plans to develop a wireless charger for mobile phones as well as tackling more power hungry devices such as laptops.

No word from WPC yet, but with the recent release of Powermat, it shouldn’t be too long before someone releases a competing device.

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