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Charge Your Cell Phone With Sound

Charge Your Cell Phone With Sound

Orange Sound Charge T-Shirt, a revolutionary new way to charge your mobile phone...

UK mobile telephone carrier Orange are testing a novel gadget, which is stitched inside a t-shirt and charge a cell phone with sound.

The device, known as the ‘Sound Charge’ t-shirt works by reversing an existing technology typically found in modern hi-fi speakers; Piezoelectric film. The film is able to absorb sound pressure waves, which can then be converted into an electric charge and stored in a battery.

Orange’s Sound Charge t-shirt consists of an A4-sized sheet of Piezoelectric film which is stitched into a panel on the t-shirt. The device then absorbs and and stores the charge it acquires from the surrounding sound, and dispenses it via an interchangeable lead which can fit most handsets.

orange sound charge t-shirt

Orange Sound Charge T-Shirt

The development team estimate that when worn in an environment with sound level around 80dB – about the same as a busy street – the t-shirt will generate roughly 6 watts of power over a weekend; enough to charge two standard mobile phones or one smart phone.

The Sound Charge t-shirt is currently under testing, with the first major trials taking place at the recent Glastonbury festival.

Orange, official Communications Partner for the Glastonbury Festival, developed the new mobile phone charger in conjunction with renewable energy experts at GotWind as part of the company’s efforts to develop effective eco-friendly charging.

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