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Cheetah Bot Breaks Land Speed Record

Cheetah Bot Breaks Land Speed Record

Boston Dynamics Cheetah Bot breaks another land speed record...

DARPA’s four-legged cheetah bot has broken another land speed record by running at 28.3 mph – .52 mph faster than Husain Bolt.

The land speed record for legged robots was set in 1989 by a tow-legged robot, developed at the Massachusetts institute of Technology, that ran just over 13mph (21kph).

The cheetah bot smashed this record in March by running at 18mph (29kph) in March 2012; the recent demonstration almost doubles the speed of previous tests.

boston dynamics cheetah bot

Cheeta Bot Sets New Speed Record

The leaner, smaller brother of the AlphaDog – which has been making its own developments of late – the cheetah bot is based on the real animal. DARPA hopes that cheetah bot will eventually outrun its natural competition by running at speeds over 70mph.

The current cheetah bot prototype is tethered with a power supply, however future versions will feature onboard power.

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