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China’s First Weaponized Aircraft Carrier

China’s First Weaponized Aircraft Carrier

China’s first Aircraft Carrier is weaponized and almost operational…

Photo’s that show China’s first aircraft carrier is weaponized and almost operational have emerged on the Internet.

The vessel, known as the Shi Lang, is an old Soviet Varyag model which has no doubt been refitted with the country’s most advanced, and likely top secret defense technology.

Pictures have already been snapped showing the vessel with its construction scaffolds removed electricity running, jet blast deflectors up and weapons mounted.

shi lang chinas first aircraft carrier

Shi Lang Aircraft Carrier

shi lang weaponized turret

Shi Lang Weaponized turret

Online blogs, China Defense Blog and Defense Tech, both think the carrier could be outfitted with planes by the end of the year.

China is still sticking to its claim that the aircraft carrier will be used for scientific research and training. In a press release from China’s state-run Xinhua news agency, the Defense Ministry further claimed its right to own an aircraft carrier in order to protect the country’s 10,000 km’s of coastline and its busy sea lanes.

And using the 3,953 ships Chinese Navy Fleets have escorted through international waters as an example, the country also claims it wants to step up its efforts in fighting international maritime crimes, including the rising wave of Somali pirates.

With statements like that, it’s clear the ship is destined for waters far from its home country. Still, the country is confident that that carrier program ‘will gear up China for a bigger role in peaceful cooperation worldwide.’

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