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Cleveland Golf 2012 Hybrids

Cleveland Golf 2012 Hybrids

Get lower skills and better play by adding hybrids to your golf bag. You will find it more useful and easier to use than traditional long irons and fairway woods.

With summer cooling off, it is the best time to take advantage of the golf courses before winter moves in. Make sure you keep your scores as low as possible and use the latest advancements in golf technology. This includes advancements made in the newest golf equipment, hybrids.

A hybrid golf club differs in design and function from traditional golf irons and woods. The name “hybrid” is used because it combines a mixture of features of irons and woods.

The long irons are known to more difficult to hit and tough for beginners to use. The low trajectory and very small face of the low-loft clubhead makes iron 1 through 4 more difficult than the short irons. Some players will layup just to avoid using the harder to hit irons or use fairway woods which have a larger “sweet spot” to hit with. The longer shafts of woods require a different swing which is also difficult for beginners. Sometimes shots do not allow for the room to swing a wood either. Additionally, the fairway wood clubface is designed to skim over instead of hitting down like the irons, which makes it undesirable for shots from the rough. The answer to this dilemma of long irons and fairway woods being difficult to use, is adding hybrid golf clubs to your arsenal.

Hybrid Design

New 2012 Golf Hybrids

New 2012 Golf Hybrids

Being a new class of club, there is no generally-accepted principle governing design. Hybrids feature a head very similar to a fairway wood; hollow steel or titanium with a shallow, slightly convex face. The head of the hybrid is usually shallower and does not extend backwards from the face as far as a comparable fairway wood. The head must have an iron-like lie angle and a flatter sole than a fairway wood. The face incorporates the trampoline effectThe clubface deforms slightly, then returns to its previous shape increasing the impulse applied to the ball at launch. The hybrid’s lie and length is similar to an iron.

2012 Mashie Hybrid

The Mashie is a versatile Ultralite hybrid that uses the Gliderail technology. This creates less turf drag and increased lift and speed at impact.

The four rails and a anti-drag keel won’t be beaten by even the ugliest lie. The light weight will give you speed you didn’t think you had!

The redesigned Mashie sole goes from two rails to four rails. Cleveland golf designers incorporated lightweight technology in the shaft and grip to reduce the overall weight of the club by more than 20 grams.

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