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Compenion OLED Tablet Concept For 2015

Compenion OLED Tablet Concept For 2015

Felix Schmidberger's OLED tablet concept for 2015, the Compenion Laptop...

This years CES expo was a haven for the many hyped devices promised in 2010, but here’s a concept we’ll just have to wait an another 5 years before getting a hands-on review.

Compenion OLED Tablet Concept

Compenion Laptop Concept

Dubbed the Compenion Laptop, this futuristic concept designed by Felix Schmidberger takes OLED displays to the next-gen level.

The sleek design incorporates a touchscreen panel that slides up to reveal an OLED touchscreen keyboard, the layout of which can be adjusted depending on language or preference.

Since this is concept of 2015, the touchscreens are of course, multi-touch, however by that time, I’d expect to see support for gesture controls added to the device.

Compenion Tablet With Built-In Projector

Compenion Tablet Laptop Projector Mode

The Compenion also comes complete with a built-in projector ideal for office presentations or big-screen movie watching, as well as pen stylus called the senstylus that doubles as a remote control.

Compenion Tablet With Senstylus Pen

Compenion Tablet With Senstylus Pen and Remote Control

The idea behind the Compenion Laptop is it’s versatility to transform into several types of portable devices via a range of docks. By the looks of things the docks include; a media player dock with built in speakers, a projector dock, a drawing-board style sketch dock, and an e-reader dock.

Docks For Compenion Tablet Concept

Compenion Tablet Docks

As a concept that’s years away, there’s no telling what specifications the Compenion Laptop will boast, but if it does become a reality, we can be sure by 2015 that there will be some pretty powerful processing behind such a graphic based device.

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