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Congregation Builder Church Management Software

Congregation Builder Church Management Software

The following is a guest post of a useful and extremely beneficial software that has helped many congregations manage their church and increase attendance and participation.

Church Management Software Delivers Intuitive Ease Of Use

Congregation Builder church management software is intuitive and easy to use. It gives you all the features you want to manage your church smoothly and efficiently. It allows members to be in touch with other members. It gives your clergy, staff and leader the tools to be more organized and to get more accomplished with less effort. You get an online members photo directory as well as a traditional printed member’s directory. Your leaders can form and maintain small groups, send them group emails, print members list and labels. Our web based software lets them work from home and lets your staff and clergy have access to your church data when they are at conferences or otherwise away from the church.

Users of Congregation Builder’s web based event registration software and web based room reservation software also enjoy the added feature of complete integration between the church calendar, room reservations the people database and event registration.

Church Management Software Makes Calendar Coordination Easy

The Congregation Builder church calendar lets you maintain a general church calendar as well as the calendar for all your church groups. You can print all the events together all each group’s calendar separately. The calendar prints in high-res as PDF document the can be embedded in your church newsletter and other documents. Moreover, the calendar can be easily embedded in your church website. Then each time you add or edit an event it instantly displays those changes on your website. The Congregation Builder Calendar has powerful room reservations features. You will never double book a room again. The web based room reservation software consolidates all the information and instantly reflects changes made. Operators of Congregation Builder’s web based church management software are embracing its one stop data entry coordination as a perfect, time saving solution.

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  1. Absolutely right, I do agree with your post. By the way I am a member of Baptist Church at Sacramento. Our church use web based church management software. It is really good software to use. It gives us Camp Management, Church Web Calendar & Event Registration.

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