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Conquest Knight Armored SUV

Conquest Knight Armored SUV

Conquest Knight-XV Armored SUV is the most badass road vehicle…

When it comes to pimpin’ your ride military style, the classic supped up humvee is usually first on most people’s list. That’s probably because they haven’t seen the Conquest Knight-XV – a V10, 6.8-liter beast of an SUV that puts all other road vehicles to shame.

The Conquest Knight has been designed with two things in mind, comfort and protection. And when it comes to latter, the Knight-XV is not just any old armored vehicle, as the company themselves put it: “Unlike most vehicles that are uparmored after-market, the KNIGHT XV is manufactured as an armored vehicle from the ground up using top-grade armoring materials.

This focus on the armored designed of Conquest’s flagship SUV, and no expense spare on luxury, makes for a stunning, impenetrable road vehicle with all the communications and entertainment features you could wish for.

Inspired by military vehicles, the Knight is made using ballistic hardened steel, ballistic fiberglass, and ballistic glass. And to ensure there’s no weakness to ballistic penetration, every aspect of the vehicles armor is tested in accordance to H.P. White Ballistic Laboratory Inc.’s Quality Control Standards. These tests consist of firing factory standard rounds from a computer controlled machine gun 5 meters away from the vehicle. As well the analysis o each section of armor, every bullet fired is also analyzed to make sure no other factors affected its flight path.

Conquest Knight-XV Armor Features include:

  • Transparent armor: The ballistic glass used in the KNIGHT XV is manufactured only by the leading manufacturers of ballistic transparencies. Our team of designers and engineers work closely with the manufacturers of ballistic transparencies to ensure that the glass module meets the protection and tint level required. In addition, we ensure that the glass meets the requirements of our overlap armoring technique when it is combined with the installation of the opaque armor.
  • Opaque armor: Only the highest quality high strength steel, ballistic aluminum, composites, aramid and ceramics are used in the manufacturing of the KNIGHT XV’s opaque armor, to meet or exceed established norms.
  • Firewall (wall between engine and passenger compartment): The KNIGHT XV armor offers protected firewall where necessary.
  • Doors: Due to the added weight of the transparent and opaque armor in doors, the door hinges are reinforced using a proprietary system to completely avoid hinge failure and prevent sheet metal fatigue around the hinge system.
  • FLIR night vision cameras*** mounted front and rear, on individual screens
  • Roof mounted rear view camera
  • Keyless entry system
  • Tandem tinted moon roof panels (transparent armor) with privacy shades
  • ASC Ballistic run flat system on all tires
  • Securilok** passive anti theft key system

Inside the Knight is a luxurious as it is safe. With enough room for 6 on its hand crafted Andrew Muirhead leather electric conference and cabin seats, passengers are spoilt with suede finishes and Wilton wool carpet. The in car entertainment system is an Alpine model featuring AM, FM, CD, DVD, Navigation and Bluetooth equipment, there’s also a rear console with remote controls as well as side mounted laptop stations for passengers.

Features security specifications that are ‘unrivaled in today’s SUV market,’ and short of other one-off designs such as the Presidential limousine, I’d say it’s security that’s unrivaled in the whole automobile industry.

Upgrades are numerous and luxurious ranging from heated seats to satellite TV, electrostatic window opaquing to GPS, cigar humidors to cooling boxes, a turbo charger, remote starter, sirens, strobes, driver partitions and two way intercom, you can even add external listening devices, a smoke security system, and an oxygen survival kit. Is there anything these guys haven’t thought of?

If you’re still no convinced and think humvees rule the road, check out the pic below for a comparison of the Knight-XV parked right next to one of those tiny-ass humvee.

conquest knight-xv suv humvee comparison

Conquest Knight-XV vs Humvee

Production of Conquest’s Knight-XV is limited to 100, with standard models costing just over half a million dollars.

Conquest Knight-XV Vehicle Specifications

  • Weight: 13,000 lbs (5,896.07 kg) approximately
  • Wheelbase: 141″ (3576 mm)
  • Height: 100″ (2540 mm)
  • Length: 240″ (6096 mm)
  • Width: 98″ (2489 mm)
  • Ground clearance: 14″ (355.6 mm) approximately
  • GVWR: 23,000 lbs (10, 432.6 kg)
  • Engine: Gasoline Engine: General Motors V8 – 6.0 L, Diesel Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7 L.
  • Horsepower: Gasoline Engine: 325 HP and 400 ft lbs. torque (a performance package upgrade is available), Diesel Engine: 300 HP and 660 ft. lbs. torque (a performance package upgrade is available)
  • Chassis: Freightliner platform chassis
  • Transmission: 5- speed Torqshift automatic transmission
  • Wheels: Michelin XZY 385/65 Rx22.5 wide base
  • Fuel: Gasoline or Diesel (for diesel engine)
  • Steering: Power steering
  • Brakes: 4-wheel disc with ABS
  • Air Conditioning: (2 units) Factory AC in-front cabin with auxiliary AC unit in rear

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