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Remote Control Your PC With TweetMyPC

Remote Control Your PC With TweetMyPC

Shut Down Or Lock Your Computer Via Internet, Email, or SMS

Controlling your PC via the remote desktop was once a technique only mastered by professional IT technicians. But now with the help of little known application called TweetMyPC, you can shut down or lock, download files to and from, take screenshots of your PC and publish them to the Web, all from your mobile phone or any other computer connected to the Internet.

Once you have set up your TweetMyPC, the app will silently monitor your Twitter stream every minute for any desktop commands. Then you can simply send an email, SMS or tweet command to control your remote PC from anywhere in the world.

Remote Control Your PC From Your Mobile Phone

How To Remote Control Your Windows PC With TweetMyPC

To do this you must first install the free TweetMyPC utility on any Windows PC.

Its a good idea to create a new twitter account, you should also protect the status updates of this account to ensure better security. Protecting the account prevents others from reading your tweets, in the case, the emails commands you will send to the remote computer.

To protect your Twitter profile, log in to Twitter, click ‘Settings‘ >> Check the box next to ‘Protect my Updates‘.

Nest you must associate your Twitter and Gmail account with the application.

It will use Twitter to receive remote commands while Gmail will be used for sending your information.

How to send commands to your remote computer using TweetMyPC.

Once you have set up your basic configuration, it’s time to set a posting method. You can use email, SMS, IM, web or any of the Twitter clients to send commands to the remote computer.

  • By Email: Associate you Twitter account with Posterous (auto-post) and all email messages sent to will become commands for the remote computer.
  • By SMS: If you live in US, UK, Canada, India, Germany, Sweden or New Zeleand, you can associate Twitter with your mobile phone (use telephone numbers listed below) and then control your remote computer via SMS Text Messages.
    • US: 40404
    • Canada: 21212
    • UK short code: 86444
    • New Zealand short code: 8987
    • Germany: +49 17 6888 50505
    • Sweden: +46 737 494222
    • All other countries: +44 762 4801423
  • By IM: Add the Twitter bot – – to your list of Google Talk buddies and you can then send commands via instant message.
  • By Web:You can also log on to the Twitter website and issue commands in the same way you would tweet.

How to shut down, log off, download files to and from your remote computer using TweetMyPC.

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  1. TweetMyPC was a good concept for its time, but it’s far inferior to dedicated apps like ControlByMail ( With CBM, you don’t need a Twitter account to remotely control or access your PC: just an email from any email-enabled device (iPhone, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, etc).

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