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UGV Detects Breath and Heartbeats Through Walls

UGV Detects Breath and Heartbeats Through Walls

Cougar20-H robot detects people through walls…

With the help of U.S Army funds, a California-based TiaLinx has developed an unmanned, remote controlled robot that can detect a person’s breathing and heartbeat through walls.

The company hopes the bot, dubbed the Cougar2—H, will prove useful in scanning for victims trapped under rubble following an earthquake, or for monitoring borders for human traffickers hidden in vehicles or in underground tunnels.

tialinx cougar-h ugv


Image credit: TiaLinx.

The Cougar20-H builds on technology previously developed by TiaLinx. The sensor, Eagle5-N, is a radar system that uses ultra-wide band multi-gigahertz radio frequency to detect heartbeats and breathing through walls.
Shortly after being unveiled last year, the U.S Army funded the development of the Cougar10-L, a small remote-controlled robot with an Eagle5-N sensor mounted atop.

Unfortunately, the Cougar10-L had to literally press its sensors against the wall to detect the presence of a human being. But the newer revised Cougar20-H is able to detect breathing and heartbeats from a distance.

Although the bot may be a dab-hand at search and rescue, but its restricted movements and consequent non-stealth properties serious limit its military uses. Nevertheless, any bot that help find the injured, and keep our borders safe, is surely a good thing.

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