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CPU Overclock World Record Fastest Speed

CPU Overclock World Record Fastest Speed

Ever wondered how fast your CPU can run? A team of French enthusiasts use liquid nitrogen cooling to find out.

Earlier this year a team of French technicians were called upon to overclock an Intel Core Duo 2 Quad to see how fast it could really perform.

Using a liquid nitrogen cooling system and serious looking compressor to suck hot air right out of the setup, the French Tom’s Hardware team were able to drive the Intel Core Duo 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz to a massive 5.1 GHz, more than doubling the speed of its standard cycles.

World Record CPU Speeds Using Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

Most avid computer users will know that overclocking stock processors around 20-30% is quite easily accomplished with the addition of some extra fans, but overclocking at over 100% is another matter altogether.

To see how they went about rigging up the liquid nitrogen cooled system, check out the video below. The clip in is French, but there is very little talk, just great shots of how this baby fitted together.

In another world record breaking attempt to overclock stock processors, a Japanese technician named Memesana, was able to overclock an Intel Pentium 4 670 microprocessor at 3.80GHz to whopping 7.132GHz. Also cooled by liquid nitrogen, this system was able to run many applications without glitching, a problem which is often common on machines that have been super-tweaked.

Memesana’s setup gained some attention when it was revealed over two years ago, by managing to calculate ? (pi) to 1 million decimal places in 18.516 seconds, currently the world record.

If you have your own overclocking stories to share, or any other knowledge on world record speeds set by super machines, feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. There’s a big difference between running a superfast overclocked system coated with liquid nitrogen for a burst-mode calculation for a few seconds, and getting a stable overclocked system that you can use everyday.
    I’ve been running a 4.5 GHz Intel i7-920 from now for months with no problems (and it is water-cooled, not liquid nitrogen cooled).
    These guys did it right!

  2. I’ve got an i7 920 onboard over here.  On stock air with 3 case fans, I’ve got it running at 3.8ghz.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it can run Prime95 all night.  And that’s an accomplishment.
    I can benchmark and run the thing at 4.2ghz, with only 1.3vcore.  I think I got one out of the good batch 🙂

  3. I ran my Q6600 up to 3.8 on air would go up to 4.1 but not stable, just booted winXP . I was limited by my memory timing

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