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Custom Display Enclosures

Custom Display Enclosures

The solution to offering a new way to look at your media - the way you want it done.

Television has revolutionized the way we watch media. Now with Smart HDTV we can take media and displays to another level. It will drastically change your business for the better. It has allowed businesses an affordable way to display advertising, marketing, information, and branding.

Many businesses already feature displays all around their facility. However, they are missing the chance to sell products and promote services.

Displays For Advertising

Turn Your TV Into an Investment

Turn Your TV Into an Investment

Strategically position TVs and displays at your facility to offer partners, advertisers and clients an opportunity to advertise. You can generate a significant amount from effective advertising while delivering the results. TVs catch eye and deliver information effectively. Viewers respond well to music and video – especially when seen on a HD Plasma TV!

Heard of ads on TV? Well this is better!

Kleau created the first stylish, fully integrated display and enclosure. With this product they knew how to do more for businesses and brands. In the end it allowed business to generate money and pay for itself.

The real beauty of a Kleau Integrated Display is the things you don’t see. In a conventional display enclosure, it is big and usually unattractive metal enclosure. This is counter productive to what the goal of it is.

A Kleau Integrated display is clean, sleek, modern and uncluttered. Ideal technological eye candy that is designed for branding.

Kleau Integrated Displays Offer
  • Sell ad space to vendors & partners
  • Personalize your display
  • Build brand image
  • Choose finish colors

All-in-One Display and Enclosure

The Only All in One Display Enclosure

The Only All-in-One Display Enclosure

Kleau Integrated Displays are a display and an enclosure – making it the first all-in-one solution and the only one specifically designed to help you generate revenue and build brand image.

Their integrated LCD enclosures feature a high-definition display (1080p) with a sleek, stylish protective enclosure. The finish of the enclosure can be designed to match your facility or brand. This will attract even more attention from both customers and potential advertisers.

What it IS:

  • A hi-definition display
  • A secure enclosure
  • A new source of revenue
  • A design element
  • A brand asset
  • An investment
  • An all-in-one solution

What it is NOT:

  • An ugly metal box
  • A distraction
  • An eyesore
  • A liability
  • An expense
  • A necessary evil

People are already looking at your displays – make sure you are taking full advantage!

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