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How To Customize Folder and Dock Icons

How To Customize Folder and Dock Icons

Customize folder and dock icons in OS X Lion…

OS X Lion offers a very simple way to customize your folder, application and dock icons. For first time Mac users, it might not be immediately clear how to do this, but it’s quite straight forward once you know how.

For a start you’ll need to download some icons. Thousands of icons are available online for free, a quick Google image search – e.g. Document Icons, Document Folder Icons etc. – should return some cool images for you to use. There are also lots of sites dedicated to offering free icons.

Note: It’s best to look for images with .png file extension (not .jpg), as these typically have clear backgrounds.

download icons for os x lion

Download Icons

app folder icon

Select and Copy Icon Image

Once you’ve download the image, open it in the Preview app.

Press Command + a, or File > Select all, to select the image.

Then press Command + c, or File > Copy, to copy the image.

Then Command Click/Right Click on the folder you wish to customize and select ‘Get Info’.

In the top left hand side of the Info window you’ll see the folder icon, simply click on it and press Command + p, to paste the new icon.

folder icons os x lion

Copy Icon To Folder

Once you’ve customized your folder, you can then drag it onto the dock. If you’re using stacks you’ll notice that the icon won’t show up, to fix this Command click/right click the icon, select options, then Display as Folder. Job Done.

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