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Hot Laptop Damaging Your Computers Components

Hot Laptop Damaging Your Computers Components

Is the heat from your laptop damaging itself or damaging you? Learn important laptops tips to keep your data safe.

It’s a fact that laptops get hot, some machines get so hot that users often find themselves wondering if it’s causing any damage to the internal components. Well the simple answer is no, not for most of the models available on the market anyway.

belkin laptop table

Laptop Stand

Generally, notebooks are built to withstand temperatures of 95 degrees for years without any problems, and if the temperature approaches a dangerous point, they are programmed to warn the user and automatically shut off.

Hot laptops may however, be damaging to your health. A study by the State University of New York at Stony Brook suggests that the heat generate by a laptop, if placed on the lap for long periods of time, could lower a man’s sperm count.

Not only can a hot laptop be damaging to your health but the added body heat could cause your machine to reach the heat threshold and shutdown.

The moral of this article – don’t sit you laptop on your sensitive parts for too long, and make sure your machine is well ventilated.

laptop cooling stand

Laptop Cooling Stand

Most laptops vent out the back, sides or sometimes underneath, make sure areas are not covered. If your specific model tends to get hot, check the fans are still working, otherwise a laptop-cooling pad should solve the problem.

If you insist on using your laptop on your lap, the LapWorks’ Desktop might be for you. The idea of this portable desk is to “protect wanna-be fathers’ genes from hot laptops”. The desk creates a 21″ protective workspace allowing a more natural male sitting posture with legs spread apart, and reduces heat passed through to the lap by 8 – 10%.

lapworks laptop stand

Lapworks Laptop Table

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