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DARPA Analyze Gamers Tactics In Dangerous Waters Game

DARPA Analyze Gamers Tactics In Dangerous Waters Game

DARPA is looking for new tactical techniques by analyzing gamers maneuvers on new ACTUV military sim...

After the most intense session on Black Ops, have you ever gloated in your tactical amazingness and wished you could share your new found knowledge with real-life warfare experts? Well now you can thanks to a new gaming software developed by DARPA, that records and sends game play tactics for analysis to assist in the development of new anti-submarine warfare technologies.

actuv crowdsourced simulator

Dangerous Waters Game Integrates ACTUV

DARPAs original ACTUV Tactics Crowd-sourced Simulator, created by Sonalysts, was developed under DARPA’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) program which aims to develop new tools for unmanned autonomous ocean-going vessels. In order to open the data pool to more gamers worldwide, arrangements have now been made to integrate the ACTUV simulator into the popular Navy simulator Dangerous Waters.

After every game, users are asked if they would like to send their gaming data to DARPA for analysis and possible in the development of its ACTUV software algorithms.

If you’re interested in sharing your Black Ops skills with the countries real-life Black Ops tactitions, head on over to the ACTUV website for more information and a download of the Dangerous Waters game.

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