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Mind Reading Device For Soldiers

Mind Reading Device For Soldiers

Soldiers of the future will communicate using the power of the mind...

The Pentagon’s Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently developing technology that will allow the soldiers of the future to communicate via telepathic mind signals.

The aim is to “allow user-to-user communication on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through analysis of neural signals.”

The agency plan to invest $4 million of its budget for next year into the startup program called Silent Talk.

Telepathic Communication Device For Soldiers

Before being vocalized, speech exists as word-specific neural signals in the brain. Researchers hope to develop a device able to detect these signals, analyze them, and transmit a translation to an intended interlocutor.

DARPA plan to use Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors to read the brainwaves, a technique also being tested in a project to develop mind-reading binoculars that alert soldiers to threats faster the conscious mind can process them.

The Silent Talk project has three major goals: First, try to map a person’s EEG patterns to his or her individual words; then, see if those patterns can be generalized — if everyone has similar patterns; last, “construct a fieldable pre-prototype that would decode the signal and transmit over a limited range.”

The military has been funding a handful of mind-tapping technologies recently, including last years project at the University of California to investigate the potential of computer-mediated telepathy.

It is thought that telepathy my provide advantages other than covert communication. Last year, the National Research Council and the Defense Intelligence Agency released a report suggesting that neuroscience might also be useful to “make the enemy obey our commands.”

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