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Dual-Rotor Warrior Flying Car Concept

Dual-Rotor Warrior Flying Car Concept

Refitted Warriors could become DARPA’s flying car of the future…

The race to develop flying cars of the future is on. While the idea and technology have been around for some time, it’s only in recent years that we’ve seen effective and efficient concepts such as the Terrafugia, come to life.

Designed for what one might called everyday use, the Terrafugia poses no great military application, which is why DARPA has called for its own one-to-four person, vertical takeoff and landing-capable vehicle that can seamlessly nadvigate from the road to air, and vice versa.

avx dual rotor warrior flying car

AVX Dual Rotor VTOL Flying Car

In answer to DARPA’s request, Fort Worth-based AVX Aircraft has responded with a concept of a dual-rotor, ducted-fan driven VTOL aircraft that’s not just road-ready, but can also handle off-road terrain.

The proposal would refit OH-58 Kiowa Warriors with coaxial rotors to give the vehicle vertical take-off and landing capabilities. AVX says the four-seater will be able to carry a 1,040-lb. payload 250 miles on a single tank of fuel, peaking at 80 miles per hour over land and 140 miles per hour in the air.

The folding blades would allow it to transition from road to air in around 60 seconds, and the sketches seem to show sufficient clearance for the vehicle to go off-road.

avx dual rotor ducted fan powered flying car

AVXs Refitted Warrior VTOL Flying Car

Nevertheless the design is still no more than a concept, and there are plenty of those around. However the design does seem straight forward and simplicity is usually most effective. Perhaps the refitted Warriors will become the basis of the military’s first flying car.

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