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Dedicated Chemical Experts

Dedicated Chemical Experts

A specialist investment bank that offers M&A advice to companies and investors exclusively in the chemicals, materials and related sectors.

Through years of sector focus, the specialist of Valence Group have developed broad and deep transactional experience which include: sell-side, buy-side, joint venture, private companies, public offers, corporate carve-outs, LBOs, management buy-outs and fairness of opinions.

Their team members have operated for multiple cycles over many years exclusively in these unique sectors. Their clients are able to benefit from their experience of economics, contractual, liability and transactional issues specific to these sectors. Generalist bankers are simply not sufficiently familiar with issues such as environmental contractual provisions, carve-out issues, ongoing supply arrangements, sector regulation and the players in each sub-sector to be able to adequately advise clients.

The Valence Group is the World’s Largest Team of Dedicated M&A Chemicals Advisers

Their team is made up of senior investment banking and industry specialists that have many years of experience in their focus sectors. The Founders and senior members of The Valence Group have worked as a team for the last 10 years and collectively have over 150 years of experience with major investment banks and within chemical companies. By being on both sides of the negotiating table the understand both the adviser and client perspectives and understand the strategic, financial and other issues that create both opportunities and potential roadblocks in any transaction.

Dedicated M&A Chemicals Advisers

Dedicated M&A Chemicals Advisers

We act as a single, cohesive team leveraging our collective expertise for the benefit of our clients. Typically the entire team will participate in any transaction in which we are involved. We firmly believe that our ability to cross-fertilise the experiences and contacts of each and every one of our team members whether in originating opportunities or solving transactional issues creates value and advantage for our clients. Several of our mainstream investment banking competitors have one or two chemicals specialists but few, if any, have the breadth or depth of experience that The Valence Group can deploy. We pride ourselves on being free of the internal political or geographic barriers that exist in most of our investment banking competitors.


They offer a full service investment banking origination and execution capability. They establish original ideas and offer full complement of transactional professionals at all levels necessary to execute any transaction regardless of size and complexity. The chemical and related industries present a unique set of technical and operational issues that the team members at The Valence Group are highly qualified to advise on in the context of an M&A assignment.

Environmental Liabilities Our experience recognizes the importance of identifying, valuing and equitably apportioning known and unknown environmental liabilities in the sale.
Operational Carve-outs We are very often involved in situations in which businesses, including plant and equipment, need to be physically carved out from the parent company.
Ongoing Supply Agreements Carve-outs very often involve the continued provision of key raw materials to ensure (a) that the selling entity is not disadvantaged through the sudden.
Off-Take Agreements Similar to the supply issue discussed above, sellers typically require buyers to commit to purchase a pre-agreed amount of input materials and/or services to avoid excess capacity and/or the inability to adequately absorb stranded corporate overhead.
Site Operating Agreements In many instances where a business is sold, whether as a stand-alone entity or requiring a carve-out, the seller may have to create a whole new framework.
Regulatory Constraints Many sub-sectors of the chemical industry involve oligopolies and advisers have to be cognizant of the competitive landscape and the potential for.
Intellectual Property Patents, know-how and technology licenses are often important components of any transaction and must be adequately valued and accounted for. Similarly, intangible assets such as goodwill can also have a substantial impact on an acquirer’s earnings if not properly identified and accounted for up-front.
Non-Competes While not unique to the chemical industry, the oligopolistic nature of many sub-sectors and the need to protect intellectual property make the proper evaluation and negotiation of non-compete clauses a critical component of any successful chemical transaction.

The chemicals, materials and related industries are global. Transactions within these sectors typically involve counter-parties from all over the world. Clients can only receive optimal advice if their adviser has specialists on the ground in all three continents. With offices all over the world, they are able to fulfill these requirements. The Valence Group is able to both originate opportunities and execute deals throughout the worlds major economies. They have senior chemical m&a experts in the chemicals, materials and related sectors in each of our offices ready to help.

Their contact base with CEOs and senior decision makers throughout the industry reflects the breadth of our global footprint and our years of focus on the sector. They are able to tap into their extensive network of chemicals and materials executives with first-hand operating experience where it is useful to do so.

As an independent organization, The Valence Group is free of the potential conflicts of interest inherent in a multi-product bank. We are not distracted by the current turmoil among our competitors and remain 100% focused on our clients and their assignments.

The Valence Group team members have advised on over 200 closed chemicals & related M&A transactions with a combined value in excess of $80 billion and involving companies active in over 100 sub-sectors, both specialty and commodity.

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