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New Flexible Body Armor Hardens Upon Impact

New Flexible Body Armor Hardens Upon Impact

Deflexion’s flexible body armor hardens upon impact…

A new type of body armor that’s flexible but hardens upon impact is making its way into protective sports clothing, foot ware and protective cases for luggage.

The new material, known as Deflexion, was developed by Dow Corning – the same people responsible for making the silicon in most people’s computers – and is comprised of polymerized flexible sheets with a special molecular structure that when hit, instantly hardens and returns to its previous state.

deflexion body armor

Deflexion Body Armor

It’s not just flexible, it’s also breathable, washable and durable, making it easy to layer up in any shape or size.

The material is already seeing application in motorcycle jackets, protective vests, pads and clothing for American Footballers, shin pads for soccer players, skateshoes, equipment bags for electronics and sports gear as well as various other protective cases.

“It can be stylishly incorporated into a garment such as a base layer shirt, it can be designed to create protective equipment, like a soccer shin guard, or it can be incorporated into protective cases for delicate equipment. Because this high performance fabric is flexible, it can be cut and sewn directly into clothing, eliminating the need to insert uncomfortable padding. It can be layered, so garments can be customized with increased levels of protection for specific areas.” [Dow Corning]

Although the Active Protection System hasn’t seen military application, it’s rather well suited. It may not be a bullet stopper, but it flexibility makes it easy enough to couple with Kevlar for added protection. Who knows, one day a technology like this could find its way onto the backs of our troops.

deflexion active protecion system case

Deflexion Protective Case For Laptop

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