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The Importance Of Defragmenting Your Hard Drive

The Importance Of Defragmenting Your Hard Drive

If your system seems to be running slowly, perhaps it's time to defrag your hard drive.

Defragmentation of your hard disk is a necessary task that should be done regularly to ensure the efficiency of your PC.

It is extremely common and almost certain that over time your PC will slow down. This is caused by the way files are stored on a hard disk and is directly related to the amount of files you manage.When you save data on your hard drive the file is split up and stored in sections which are adjacent to each other. Small files are easy to store because they can be placed efficiently next to each other.

Windows Disk Defrag Tool

Windows Disk Defrag Tool

As you continue to use your computer performing tasks such as editing, adding and deleting files, changes occur in these sections of data and some areas will become empty pockets. These areas are referred to as fragmentation.

If you imagine your hard drive is a flat surface divided into small blocks where the data is stored. From above, you’d see that the files are scattered randomly all over the surface, with some areas empty. Files that are small enough will fit into these pockets with no problem but for bigger files it’s a different matter.

When there is not enough room left on the hard drive to store a large file the in pockets adjacent to each other, the computer will instead break the data down into fragments and store these fragments in different locations on the hard disk. Although this helps keep the files in place, it tends to get worse over time.

As your hard disk becomes filled with the clutter of random fragments you will notice that your system starts to slow down too. Because the hard drive struggles to located and gather the necessary files, every time you use a program or open a file it will take the computer longer to process.

Defragmenting will help re-arrange your files and keep them in order and easy to find. The defragging of your hard drive can take quite a while depending on size and how many files you have to manage (the speed of your system is also a factor) so be prepared to sit and wait whilst your PC figures out the most efficient way for your data to be stored.

We recommend defragging your PC at least every two months; however for those who manage a lot of files, it’s probably best to clean up your disk every month.

We found a great little page containing a number of free applications that can help keep your hard drive clean. There are a bunch of applications that can catalogue, split, compress and zip your files as well as back up programs, disk search engines, management utilities and data recovery or wiping tools, all of which are designed to help you move, transfer and organize your files.

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If keeping a clean hard disk is paramount, then you may want to take a look at some inexpensive applications that take care of all your defragmenting needs.

One application we particularly like is Diskeeper available for under 30 dollars.

“Diskeeper 2008 introduces the most powerful defragmentation engines ever developed. Even on systems with as little as 1% free space available, Diskeeper restores performance and reliability”

Diskeep Defrag Software

Diskeep Defrag Software

Diskeeper is completely transparent and runs quietly along in the background, when the machine is idle it automatically begins to defrag. There are a whole host of options and settings for you to choose from to get Diskeeper working best for you.

Defragmenting your hard drive is likely to be the perfect solution for systems that have started to slow down. Many novice PC users end up paying to have their computer cleaned up and optimized, or in worse cases may even be told that the operating system needs to be re-installed. Whilst this might be true for some serious problems the chances are a slow PC can be fixed simply by defragmenting the hard drive.

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  1. When a friend first told me about defragging, i was sceptical on how it would run and whether it was risky.
    Having run it regularly with no hassles, i have found the performance to be lag free and faster. On my new PC with large drives, I’ve installed Diskeeper (2007) and its great. It would have taken ages for completing so much data for the built in. Not only is this program fast, its also very light on PC resources.

  2. Why pay $30 for Diskeeper? Daily use Piriform Defraggler (free, just defragments) and then weekly use JKdefrag (free, defrags and optimizes); or use IOBit Smart Defrag (free, defrags stuff automatically as programs run or download, then you can set up an auto schedule to defrag and optimize daily).
    $30 is a waste of money for this function…learn about freeware and use it!

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