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How The Military Destroys Navy Ships

How The Military Destroys Navy Ships

An interesting look at how the military takes apart its Navy ships for recycling…

Navy ships are without a doubt, a monumental feat of engineering. But no easier the task of building one of these mammoth beasts, is the chore of dismantling one.

The video shows the fascinating process of how the military destroys its old ships, painstakingly one piece at a time; categorizing each part for recycling.

The decommissioned ship in the clip, featured in National Geographics’s Break it Down program aired on the 5th February, is the USS Savannah.

Standing 659 feet (201 meters) long – around two football fields – and 96 feet (29 meters) tall – or ten stories high – the USS Savannah, a Wichita-class tanker launched on April 23, 1970.

She served as a replenished oiler for the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean until 1972, before leaving to Vietnam to serve in the war. In 1973 she returned to the Mediterranean until June 1974, when she returned to Norfolk, Virginia.

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  1. Jesus Diaz: The Destruction of a US Navy Ship As Big As a City Block. Gizmodo, 02/03/2012.
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