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Digger DTR D-3 Landmine Clearing UGV

Digger DTR D-3 Landmine Clearing UGV

The Digger DTR D-3 is the holy grail of landmine clearing vehicles…

In following with the recent articles featuring heavily armored, and sometimes luxury vehicles, such a topic would not be complete without the mention of Digger DTR’s D-3 mine clearing vehicle.

Designed by Digger DTR, Swiss non-governmental organization dedicated to designing mine-clearing devices, the new D-3 unmanned armored vehicle is the holy grail of mine clearing vehicles.

digger dtr d-3 landmine clearing machine

Digger DTR D-3 Landmine Clearing UGV

Image Credit: Digger DTR, 2011.

digger dtr d-3 front tiller

Digger DTR D-3 Front Rolling Tiller

Since the D-3 is doesn’t house its operator – they control the machine remotely from behind a heavily armored ‘operating protection shield’ – it substitutes luxury for pure beastly power.

Weighing in at between 8-9 tons, the D-3 comes equipped with a spinning front triller, called a flail, which comprises of a series of tungsten hammers that pound 10 inches into the ground. And clearing its path in thick vegetation, its front arms, also designed to rip up tripwires – can be raised up to 4m to shred anything that gets in its way.

The D-3 is fully armored with 10 mm hardened steel plates protecting the hull, and 4 mm plates covering the hood – enough to survive landmines blasts and ordnance up to 81mm in diameter. And it’s powered by a 4.5l John Deere diesel engine, which kicks out 173 hp at 2400 RPM. Its stable operating speed whilst clearing mines is around 5/7 kph.

As the name would suggest, the D-3 is the company’s third installment of such a machine, the D-2 predecessor can be seen doing its thing in video clip below.

The new design of the D-3 focuses on cost-effective production and easy maintenance. All hoods can be easily lifted to allow access to engine and internal components. It also uses the standardized Caterpillar Quick Lock Coupler making it compatible with all Caterpillar tools, as well as Digger’s own DTR tools.

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