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Military 24/7 iPad App

Military 24/7 iPad App

Free military app delivers up-to-date news 24/7…

A new free military app Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System, or DIVIDS, aims to bring the most up-to-date news directly to your Apple iPad.

We’ve already seen several military apps for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch including the intense interactive video app Condition ONE, but while most of these apps come in the form of video, games and encyclopedias, the DIVIDS military app, developed by Crawford Communications, focuses on delivering up-to-date news round the clock.

“Get up-to-date information directly from deployed service members on your iPad, free. The Military 24/7 app delivers the latest news from each branch of the U.S. Military featuring top news stories, photo galleries and on demand content.” [DIVIDS]

With DIVIDS in tow, you can sure you’re getting all the latest military news wherever you’ve got an Internet connection.

Check out the clip below for a quick preview of the DIVIDS app.

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