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DIY Flash and Lighting Hacks

DIY Flash and Lighting Hacks

DIY Flash and Lighting Hacks For Professional Photography Techniques

Digital Photography Lighting Tutorial Tips

In photography the lighting techniques you use can make the difference between a good shot and a great one.

Professional photographer’s studios are packed with tons of lighting equipment and to us amateur photographers; it’s enough to make the mind boggle.

That’s before you start talking about how much all the equipment costs!

If you can’t afford a full lighting rig there are many cheap DIY hacks that can mimic the types of lighting gear that pro photographers use.

Flash Diffuser

Flash DiffuserThis great little piece of equipment is designed to diffuse the light from your flash. This leads to some unique lighting effects and because it is made from a milk bottle, it will probably lighten your wallet by a few hundred dollars compare with professional light diffusers.

Party Bouncer Card

Party Bouncer Card for Camera FlashAnother flash diffusing technique, this time using a piece of card. The party bouncer card is designed to bounce some light off the ceiling while also diffusing the light going forward. This will reduce the harshness of the flash can even produce more light as the card reflects the flash in different directions.

Turkey Pan Beauty Dish

Beauty Dish Beauty dishes are great pieces of equipment that usually retail for a hundred bucks or so. The beauty dish helps disperse the light evenly making a softer image. Although is hack may not be as effective as a professional beauty dish, the results are still pretty good.

Multi-Super-SB-Ring Light

Multi-Super-SB-Ring FlashIf by any chance you have a bunch of external flashes laying around, what better way to use them then rigging yourself a Multi Super SB Ring Light?

The idea is quite simple, take your flashes and mount them on a cut coffee can. Connect 3 pocket wizards with splinter to the flashes, use duct tape to hold everything in place…start blinding the public.

This is great hack to give a massive boost to your flash, excellent for product shots and portraits.

Flash Mounted DIY Softbox

Flash Mounted DIY SoftboxAnother piece of equipment used to disperse light evenly over a subject is a softbox. The softbox sits over the flash and ensures that resulting shadows are softer.

Similar to the light tent this hack is quite involved, it requires white card, white fabric (silk if possible), some tape, and this time a bit of Velcro to hold it all in place.

Template For Flash SoftboxClick to enlarge the Softbox template, save and print the image to create your own.

The great thing about the DIY softbox is that it is portable, professional softboxes are big and for that reason, they usually end up stuck in the studio.

Inexpensive Light Tent

Light Tent For Digital PhotographyIf you have wanted to create those crisp clean product images that seem to be floating on white background, an expensive light tent could be the solution you are looking for.

This hack is more involved some of the others so we wont go into it too much here, but you get the idea; cardboard box, white paper, fabric, scissors, tape and a light = an inexpensive light tent that is extremely effective.

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