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DIY Pilot Valve Air Cannon

DIY Pilot Valve Air Cannon

The most hardcore air cannon cracks recycling bins and dents car doors with water balloons…

Drew Pilcher, a.k.a Wolf as he is better known amongst the Internet community, has created a high-powered air cannon can hurls water balloons, among other things, at ridiculously high speeds.

law 1 pilot valve air cannon

LAW II Air Cannon

Successor to the LAW 1 compact air cannon, the LAW II uses the same basic principle as its older brother but is 6” shorter and 30% lighter.

law 1 and law 2 air cannons

Law I and Law II Air Cannons

The first prototypes were constructed two years ago, and at that time fired steel darts. In the video clip below, Wolf loads up with water balloons to show how powerful the air cannon really is.

As you can see in the clip, the LAW II packs a deadly punch. At 160 psi a water balloon becomes like a ball of concrete smashing though a plastic recycling boxes with ease, and even denting a car door from a reasonable distance – extremely impressive considering it was made without any bench tools – until the butt was remodeled later on.

If you’re interested in delving into a similar project yourself, you can find full details on how the LAW II was made over at Wolfs site: Wolfs Project Files. (It’s not a step-by-step tutorial, you’ll need at least some basic home improvement knowledge to pick out exactly what to do.)

On the other hand, if you’re a little lazy but interested in buying a LAW II, Wolf is considering selling them on ebay for around $300.

In no way would we advocate harming anyone with such a device, so if just can’t contain your determination to build or buy one of these things make sure as hell you only destroy inanimate objects on your own property! This (I think it’s fair to say) weapon, is sure to cause a whole heap of harm if abused and we can’t be held responsible for your actions, so proceed with caution!

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