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DIY Macro Lens Made From Old DVD Player

DIY Macro Lens Made From Old DVD Player

Hack your DVD player and make a macro lens for your cell phone camera...

The guys over at have come up with yet another great DIY photography hack, and this one tops the bill in simplicity.

Ever wanted to take extreme closeup shots with your cell phone? Well by simply removing the lens from an old DVD player and mounting it on a piece of card, you can transform your cell phone camera into a powerful macro-shooting device.

First up you need to remove the lens from your DVD player, so make sure the power is off then carefully take out all the screws and open up the player. Locate the lens – underneath where the disc goes – and carefully prise it away from the fixing.

Next you need to secure your lens over the cell phone’s lens. The cheapest and easiest way to do this by using a piece of cardboard.


Cut the card in a shape that fits your phone, and cut a small hole in the middle to fix the lens. If you cut the hole correctly, the lens should sit tight.


Now use sticky tack, or tape to hold your new macro lens in place, and start shooting some cool close up pics.



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