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DoubleTap .45 Caliber ACP Tactical Pocket Pistol

DoubleTap .45 Caliber ACP Tactical Pocket Pistol

Doubletap’s .45 caliber handgun, the smallest .45 on the market…

The DoubleTap .45 ACP tactical pocket pistol, developed by Heizer Defense Aerospace Technology Firearms, is one of the smallest guns on the market.

Measuring just 5/8ths of an inch thick and weighing between 12-14 ounces (depending on the model), Heizer Defense claims the DoubleTap to be the smallest and lightest commercially available .45 caliber handgun in the world.

doubletap .45 calibre handgun

DoubleTap .45 or 9mm ACP Tactical Pistol

The aptly named gun holds two rounds in its parallel barrels and an additional two bullets in its grip compartments. The extras are mounted on a speed strip, which makes for swift reloading.

The barrels are modular and can be easily switched between the .45 caliber and 9mm. also be switched for 9mm rounds, which are also cheaper to buy.

Fully machined with no plastic parts, the DoubleTap features a double action, hammerless mechanical trigger system that gives the gun a semi automatic second shot capability.

The DoubleTap tactical pocket pistol is available for $500 in a 120z aluminum model, or $730 for the MIL-STD 140z titanium version.

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