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DTV Shredder Militarized Skateboard

DTV Shredder Militarized Skateboard

Make travelling long distances over rough terrain effortless and exciting with the DTV Shredder...

The grand world of Aviation presents pilots with a variety of flying machines tailored for different types of missions, but when it comes to troops on the ground, there aren’t many options short of jumping in the Humvee.

But if they guys at BPG Werks have their way, that could be about to change. Enter the DTV Shredder, militarized skateboard-type device.

According to the company, the DTV Shredder was designed ‘as a first response modular platform to better equip the soldier to deal with crisis situations.’

bpg werks dtv shredder

DTV Shredder

Thanks to its low center of gravity and its rugged design, the DTV Shredder can navigate almost any terrain at high speed. It is also customizable and can be outfitted for various missions including:

Reconnaissance, Rescue and Recovery, Mobile Surveillance, Med Evac, Rapid Response, and last but by no means least, as an Offensive Platform.

dtv shredder

DTV Shredder

To be honest the first half of the clip had me wondering if the device was actually designed for the military, or simply for fun. But once I saw the remote control feature in action, effectively transforming the device into an unmanned ground vehicle, the Shredders potential suddenly became clear. [Thumbs-up for the heavy dubstep remix accompanying the clip.]

The DTV Shredder was developed by Ben Gulak – also known for developing the Uno bike – and is available from BPG Werks.

dtv shredder engine

DTV Shredder Engine

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