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Electric Imp Connects Any Device To The Internet

Electric Imp Connects Any Device To The Internet

The Electric Imp offers a way to remotely control any device via by connecting it to the Web…

A new wireless component called the electric Imp promises a way to control literally any electric device by linking it to the Internet.

The Imp system comprises of an easily installable circuit board and a removable SD-type with a built-in CPU and Wi-Fi antenna to connect to the Web.

Remote control using the Internet is nothing new, especially for PCs and smartphones. But Imp’s major selling point is that it can be easily installed Imp does all the automatically.

electric imp wireless card for every device

Electric Imp Wireless Card

Image Credit: Electric Imp, 2012.

With the board installed, the Imp card connects to the Internet to access the company’s cloud-based software, and from here users can control their devices remotely from their smartphone, or any computer connected to the Internet.

The web-based software uses a drag and drop interface which allows users to connect their devices and set up simple commands to control the devices.

No word a on official release date or pricing, however developers packages are available for $20-$25, and the company is currently in the process of approaching OEM’s to get its technology incorporated in a wide range of future products.

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New HighTed-EDGE

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New HighTed-EDGE