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Emergency Power Source Uses Sodium Or Urine

Emergency Power Source Uses Sodium Or Urine

Portable battery charger developed for military use runs on saltwater and urine…

South Korean battery makers have developed a renewable battery charger based on 2,000 year old technology that generates power from saltwater or urine. The power generated by the portable emergency power source is sufficient to power a laptop for more than four hours, claim the maker.

MetalCell was designed for military use. The growing number of high-tech devices being used on the battlefield has soldier’s relying more heavily on electronics, and when these devices fail it can mean the difference between life and death.

MetallCell Emergency Power Source

MetallCell Emergency Power Source

MetalCell is compact enough to be carried by hand or in a rucksack, it’s also rugged enough to be stowed away for years awaiting that precious moment it’s needed.

MetalCell’s design is relatively simple; a small rugged box with magnesium plates inside. The device works by yielding the low-voltage power produced when sodium reacts with magnesium.

The idea is that soldiers will always have source of sodium. Those in the field have salt in their Meal, Ready-to-Eat packages, failing that urine could also be used to power the device says Art Morgan, CEO of the Northern Virginia-based company SEG Inc., which represents the product in the United States.

“You can pack away the device and let it sit for years until you need it,” Morgan says.

The concept is similar to ancient technology, known as the Bagdad battery, that some anthropologists believe was developed in Iraq thousands of years ago. Nobody knows how these batteries were used.

The standard MetalCell model costs about $200 and can be recharged with salt water until the magnesium plates deteriorate. The company is also marketing disposable models that are cheaper — about $120 — and come with salt tablets.

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