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Emperor 200 Gaming Chair Unit

Emperor 200 Gaming Chair Unit

The Emperor Gaming Workstation features motorized seat adjustments, air filtration and light therapy...

Sitting for hours on end at a computer workstation is normal practice for hardcore gamers… and many millions of employees worldwide. But only a select few go to the lengths of spending their hours perched on the Emperor 200 workstation.

The high-tech set-up, developed by Canadian company Modern Work Environment Lab., features motorized seat adjustments, THX surround sound, an adjustable keyboard mount, three 24-inch displays and an impressive design to boot.

emperor 200 gaming chair

Emperor 200 Gaming Workstation

emperor 200 gaming chair-1

Emperor 200 Gaming Workstation

Image Credit: MWW Lab, 2012.

As if that wasn’t enough the gaming workstation also feature an air filtration system that not only promises to keep your lungs free from the pathogens, it also helps disperse smoke for those whole can’t help but light up during their work or gaming session. And the built-in light therapy system promises to provide the body with all the Vitamin D it needs so the user doesn’t even need to leave go outside.

All of this technology doesn’t come cheap however, the Emperor 200 sells for over $40,000. But there is trimmed down version, the Emperor 15010, which sells for around $6,000. This doesn’t come with air filtration or light therapy system, but it does come with LED lighting effects and BOSE 2.1 surround sound.


Emperor 1510 Gaming Workstation

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  1. Francis Bea: Emperor 200:The ultimate, $44,750 gaming chair. Yahoo, 03/04/2012.
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