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ErrorGoblin Deciphers Error Codes

ErrorGoblin Deciphers Error Codes

Use ErrorGoblin to decipher computer error codes…

Computers are pretty intuitive, I mean, most recent models will tell you when it’s running out of power, when the storage space is getting full, when its CPU is overheating, when there’s an available Internet connection, etc. But when it comes to diagnosing what happened when your computer crashes, what do you get? A dreaded incoherent string of numbers and letters known as an Error Code… Great, ‘cos we all read computer codes like our native language.

error goblin to decipher error codes

Error Goblin

If you want to decipher what exactly what an error code means – which could be the easiest and fastest route to pin-pointing the problem – first be sure to write down your error code, then head on over to ErrorGoblin and type it in the search field.

ErrorGoblin has listed over 16,980 errors codes and what they refer to. It’s free and it works for both Windows and Mac.

For avid iPhone users, there’s also an app available at the Apple App Store for just under a dollar.

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