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EXOdesk Is A Cheaper Alternative To MS Surface SUR40

EXOdesk Is A Cheaper Alternative To MS Surface SUR40

EXOPC’s forth-coming EXOdesk is like Microsoft Surface with a price tag for consumers…

With the new Microsoft Surface already available for preorder, it won’t be too long before such oversize touchscreen units are not only adorning the walls and floors of hotels, retailers and other businesses but are also replacing the coffee tables in peoples homes, and EXOdesk might just be the device to help bridge that gap.

Little is known about the specifications of the EXOdesk, except that it should be available in 2012 with a price tag of $1,299, a fraction of the cost of Microsoft’s higher-end alternative.

In the clip, the device can be seen working flawlessly sat in front of a computer monitor.

EXOPC is known for its work on touchscreen apps for Windows 7 tablets, so it’s likely that the EXOdesk builds on that technology.

The video teaser has been released to gain some hype ahead of January’s CES, when we’ll no doubt find out more about this promising device.

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