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Eye Fi Wireless SD Memory Card

Eye Fi Wireless SD Memory Card

Eye Fi Connect X2; 4GB of storage with built-in Wi-Fi and automatic wireless backup all on one small SD card. Out with the old and in with the new!

The Eye Fi Connect X2 is a fantastic tool for those who keep forgetting to sort through the photos’ on their camera. The wireless SD card, which features 4GB of storage and built-in Wi-Fi, automatically syncs, backups and organizes your photos the moment you turn the camera on.

The Connect X2 is compatible with hundreds of cameras, and also has accompanying iPhone, iPad, and Android apps to allow transfers to and from your mobile devices, no syncing, no tethering required.

connect x2 eye fi iphone ipad android app

iOS and Android Apps

The Eye-Fi Connect X2 card stores and uploads JPEG photos and video files wirelessly. You can even send your photos on 1 sharing site and your videos to a different sharing site. Every Eye-Fi Connect X2 card has a Selective Share Option, which, once enabled, lets you use the “lock” or “protect” key on your camera to pick which photos and videos are uploaded. Once you’ve made your selection, only the protected videos and JPEG photos will upload online, while everything will be backed up on your computer

Benefits of Eye Fi Cards

Endless Memory mode is an option you can activate on your Eye-Fi Connect X2. Enable Endless Memory, and your Eye-Fi Connect X2 card will automatically free up space once your photos and videos have been safely delivered. It’s like having an endless memory card!

Introducing the Eye Fi Connect X2 Wi-Fi SD Card

The software allows you choose exactly where your photos will be transferred to, it also includes settings to automatically upload your pics to your favorite websites, as well as preset photo book templates which make archiving your holidays, weddings and events, family updates, scrapbooking, and business photos logs easy.

connect x2 supported websites

Supported Websites

What The Eye-Fi Can Do For You

Create a Travel Log

As you travel the world, easily create a travel log that documents where and when your pictures were taken. Eye-Fi Geotagging service, remembering, sorting, saving and sharing where you went and what you saw is made easy. Creating an album or photobook of your trip is just one click away. Photos imported into iPhoto can be made into a photobook, and since they’re automatically geotagged, inserting a map of your trip is just one click away. Geo-Tagging is compatiable with Flickr and other major photo software and websites.

Central Storage and Collection

Everyone has cameras today, and at special events it is a good chance someone has the perfect photo. Chances are though it could go unnoticed, unless they have Eye-Fi cards. Handout preset cards, and the photos will be automatically uploaded to your favorite photo storage website or social profile. Uploading, collecting and storing has never been easier.

Family Updates

Being deployed or separated from family is not uncommon when in the military. Stay in touch easily: set your Eye-Fi card to send photos to Facebook, Flickr or Picasa. Friends and family will be updated with your latest whereabouts and discoveries – no “what’s new?” emails required! With Online Sharing, you can automatically send your photos where your friends and family will see them. Enable Selective Transfer, and only the pictures you select on your camera will upload. Set up twitter notifications to tweet every time the card uploads. Privacy matters and you can set your photos to automatically upload online with preset privacy preferences.

Create a Scrapbook

The funnest part of scrapbooking is solving that giant puzzle, where memories together to make a fun story to read. The printing of the photos, not the funnest. That’s why Eye-Fi makes it extra easy: you can send your photos directly from your camera to a printing websites When you can’t get to scrapbooking right away, your photos need to be organized, so you can easily pick your pics when you get around to making the album. Eye-Fi cards can automatically send photos to your computer in timestamped folders, so they’re conveniently searchable by date, or you can get Geotagging and apps like iPhoto will also make them searchable by where they were taken.

Tools for Professionals

Take your camera hobby to the next level. Get RAW files to upload to your computer wirelessly anywhere, without any extra equipment. Or get photos to your editor at live events, in real time. Have photos fly into your computer and set up live slideshows that go through your preset filters in Lightroom 2, or you can set up an ad hoc connection to your laptop and hook it up to a projector. There’s nothing like live images to make a lasting impression on guests!

connect x2 eye fi travel log

Travel Logs

In a nutshell, the Eye Fi card does the work for you. Simply put the SD card in your camera and every time you turn the device on it will sort your photos, search for your computer or mobile device, and automatically transfers your photo’s using the card’s built-in Wi-Fi.

How Does Eye Fi Work?

Connect X2 Eye Fi SD Card Key Features

  • 4GB memory. Store up to 2,000 photos or 90mn of video with top-notch Class 6 speed. Works just like with your regular SDHC memory card. Perfect for your compact camera!
  • Wireless. Upload JPEG photos & videos fast through your home Wi-Fi network thanks to built-in 802.11n speed.
  • Endless. Get the only card that can free-up space for you after pictures are safely delivered. Never worry about running out of space again.
  • Automatic back-up. Wirelessly upload JPEG photos and videos to folders of your choice on your computer, or even directly into iPhoto for Macs.
  • Organized. Photos and videos can automatically land in date-based folders, so memories are organized effortlessly.
  • Instant uploads. Send photos & videos directly from your camera to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop anywhere you are.
  • Compatible. No need to buy a new camera. Compatible with hundreds of models.
  • Effortless sharing. Wirelessly send your JPEG photos and videos to a popular website. See the complete list you can choose from, which includes Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, MobileMe, and YouTube.
  • Pick your pics. You can select which photos and videos are uploaded.
  • Get notified. Get email, Facebook or Twitter alerts when your photos are uploading online.
  • Quick and sweet. Set up takes just minutes.

Connect X2 Eye Fi SD Card Requirements

  • An SDHC compatible camera.
  • A broadband Internet connection to set up your Eye-Fi card
  • A Wi-Fi router compatible with 802.11b/g/n on the 2.4GHz band. Note: 5 GHz band is not supported.
  • A computer with Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7 or Mac OSX (Intel) 10.5, or 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • 100MB of free space
  • A compatible iOS or Android device (required to use Direct Mode only)

Connect X2 Eye Fi SD Card Technical Specifications

  • Range: 90ft+ outdoors & 45ft+ indoors
  • Advanced power management that optimizes use of your camera power
  • Wi-Fi security: Static WEP 64/128, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

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