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Unlicensed Windows 43 Percent More Likely To Crash

Unlicensed Windows 43 Percent More Likely To Crash

Bad Things Happen to Unlicensed Windows Users That Most Likely Will Result in Loss Data and Crashing.

Companies that run unlicensed copies of Windows are more likely to experience critical system failures and loss of data, according to a company-sponsored report.

The research, conducted by Harrison Group Inc. but paid for by Microsoft, suggests that companies who used unlicensed Windows were 43% more likely to have critical system failures lasting more than 24 hours.

windows crash

Unlicensed Windows More Likey To Crash

Those businesses were also 28% more likely to lose customer data and 73% more likely to lose their own data than firms using licensed copies of software.

The research was carried out on approximately 1,600 companies that used between 24 to 500 computers, located in the U.S., the U.K., China and Brazil. After interviewing the participants, the Harrison Group labeled 690 (43.7%) as using fully-licensed software; 890 (56.3%) ran some unlicensed software.

The report was funded my Microsoft in an effort to help defend its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) feature, its anti-piracy program that has come under heavy fire from users.


Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

In a blog entry last early last month, Alex Kochis, a senior product manager at Microsoft, trumpeted the results:

“Not surprisingly, companies that have more counterfeit software in their environment tend to have more IT related problems,”

Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, agreed with Kochis, up to a point:

“In principal, I kind of get the point that they’re making…
“If you’re using non-genuine [Windows], there’s a high likelihood that whoever put it on the media slipped other things into the code Actually, I would be surprised if there wasn’t something slipped in. So I have no problems with that premise.”

But Cherry remained cautious of the report, adding:

“I’m nervous about this because Microsoft paid for it…
“But who else, really, would study this?”

This is not the first time that Microsoft has linked unlicensed copies of Windows to negative side effects, previous claims center around the fact that many pirated copies of Windows contain malware, either by design or by an oversight on part of the counterfeiter.

Microsoft’s bid to further regulate the amount of copied versions of Windows in use now steps up a gear as the company announced last month it will strengthen the WGA application making the incessant nagging more prominent.

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