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Army Designing Female Body Armor

Army Designing Female Body Armor

U.S. Military plans to field body armor specifically designed for female troops...

With the majority of active service members being male, many military items such as uniforms and body armor are primarily designed for men.

But the Army is now testing female body armor, which it hopes will be fielded next summer.

The new body armor is shorter in the torso, and shoulders, has a thinner waist and customized adjustments to better fit women.

us army female body armor

U.S. Army Designing Female Body Armor

The next stage is to develop armor plates that conform to the female form, however as Lozano explains, this is quite a hurdle to jump:

“The challenge right now is that when you bring in those complex curvatures, the plate loses some of its strength…

“We’re working with some armor manufacturers to invest in a manufacturing capability that finds the right chemistry to develop the soft and hard armor necessary to have a complex curved plate at a light weight that still defeats the threats.”

From Sept, 100 prototypes will be tested by 30 female troops of the 101st Airborne Division. Then after evaluations and modification have been made the Army hopes to have its final design ready by next summer.

For now, the 14 percent of female members will just have to make do with on of the 11 sizes of the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) worn by their male counterparts.

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