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Fiber Optic Systems

Fiber Optic Systems

Business and organizations in the telecommunications industry know the importance of data and how it needs to be remained secured.

When transmitting data from one person to the next, security may be a very important issue. For example, perhaps you work for a corporation that is designing a new product, and you want to make sure that your ideas are not stolen before you have a chance to patent them.

Maybe you work for the government and the information could be detrimental to national security. Either way, you have to make sure that the digital files transmitted over the network installed by Fiber Systems Inc. are not intercepted by anyone else. What can you do?

Fiber optics are lighting the secure paths for data’s future.


First, you may want to consider an encryption system. This takes the data apart and rearranges it so that it would not make sense to anyone; it looks almost like nothing at all, just showing up – if it does – as random characters. All encryption systems work differently, but that is the basic idea. The data can only be put back together by someone else with the same system. This means that someone could steal your data and they still could not use it at all because they would not know what it said, but the person that you wanted to send it to would be able to read it.


Another important thing to do is to install a firewall and anti-virus software on your computer. On top of that, you can install spyware and malware detection systems. These will help to make sure that you do not have a hacker in your system and that you do not have a virus that could transmit the information back to that person. Most hackers use passive devices like this, setting up the viruses and then waiting for information to pour in, so cutting them off at the source means that they cannot get anything that is on your system.

Transmitting Data

Finally, you should be committed to only transmitting information as frequently as you have to. The more sensitive something is, the less it should change hands over the Internet. By putting it out there less frequently, you increase the odds that no one is going to get a hold of it. Hackers and viruses do not matter if the information is never put in front of them. You can instead store it all on a secure server in the building, where only people who have the right passwords and authorizations will be able to get at it.

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