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Top Social Media Sites For Finding Work

Top Social Media Sites For Finding Work

Increase your chances of finding work using social media sites...

With no change imminent on the economic horizon, millions of job seekers across the globe are focusing their efforts on social media sites to put them in contact with those rare employers still offering work.

Thanks to the recent boom in social media networks, it is now easier and cheaper to contact those in a specific field, and it’s certainly a good idea, but where exactly should you start? And what sites are most likely to produce some good contacts? Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, has filtered out the top 10 social sites to increase your chances of success.

Find A Job Using LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the number 1 spot for job seekers, the currently employed, marketers looking to build networking lists, as well as salespeople seeking new clients.

With 35 million users, recruiters and job seekers, the opportunities are endless. But it’s important to optimize your profile in order standout amongst the vast amount of users.

The idea is to spruce up your profile, extend your network, join and participate in groups, use applications and exchange endorsements.

It’s also recommended you use a distinct URL ( as well as an up-to-date avatar that s consistent with the picture on your other social sites.

How To Find A Job Using Twitter
Twitter is not just a messaging tool to keep in contact with friends and family, it can be a powerful tool once you unlock its potential.

In order to get the most out of Twitter, you will have to integrate your or LinkedIn profile, but once you do, you can talk directly with hiring managers and they can immediately see exactly what you have to offer. A little tip from Dan when setting up your Twitter account, “You get to add one URL to your profile, so choose wisely.”

How To Find A Job Using Plaxo
Plaxo is owned by Comcast and resembles LinkedIn in many ways. You can create your own profile which includes a section about you, your contact info and your ‘pulse stream’. Your pulse stream is dictated by your presence on other social media sites such as Twitter.

Plaxo is integrated with Simply Hired, a job search engine that gathers jobs from thousands of sites. Once you have built your profile, you can use it as part of the recruitment process when apply for jobs with Simply Hired.

How To Find A Job Using Jobster
Jobster hasn’t gained too much press, but it’s a simple and effective platform for networking with employers offering jobs. You can upload your resume, embed your a video resume and feature links to your site. You can also tag your skills, which gives employers a great way find you.

You can search for positions and see hows posted the job, you can then add them to your network and contact them to find out more.

How To Find A Job Using Facebook
Although it is not geared as a job seekers platform, it is possible to find work using Facebook. To start, you can go to the Facebook market place, here you will find a list of job opening and opportunities in your network.

You can also look in the “items wanted” and a “for sale” listings. Once you have found a job you’ll be able to message the hiring manager directly to find out more.

You can also join groups and fan pages to find jobs. This will involve finding people with common interests and networking with them.

How To Find Job Using Craigslist
Craigslist can be a valuable tool to search for small to mid-size companies looking for employees. There are new listings everyday, some more trustworthy than others, but if you check out the site once a day, you’ll certainly come across viable options for your job-seeking mission.

How To Find A Job Using myWorkster
Myworkster is aimed at students and alumni who are searching for exclusive career opportunities. The network is exclusive to colleges so is useless to anyone not attending college, but for those who do, it’s a great social network that allows you to create a professional profile and network with potential employers.

MyWorkster offers a free account with all the usual tools. MyWorkster uses Facebook Connect to get all your info, there is also an instant messenger built-in to the site.

How To Find A Job Using VisualCV
VisualCV focuses on personal branding when searching for a job. Once you sign up you get your own branded webpage where you can add video, audio, images, graphs, charts, diagrams, presentations, sample of your work and references.

You can chose to make your page it public or private, send it directly to a recruiter, save it as a PDF or forward the URL, which will rank high for your name.

How To Find A Job Using JobFox
Job fox is like the online dating site of the job seeking community. It tried to pair you up with jobs relevant to your skills and qualifications. It uses a “Mutual Suitability SystemTM” to match your wants and needs to those of employers.

Like VisualCV, you get your own branded webpage,with a personal web address to send to employers.

How To Find A Job Using Ecademy
Ecademy, like LinkedIn, is a great source for professional networking. You get a profile to let employers know what you have to offer, you can join business network groups based around your expertise and exchange messages with other members privately. Unfortunately this site doesn’t offer a job search as such, it’s all about the networking, but this is definitely the place for it.

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