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Finding Iron In Africa: Stephen Dattels And Promising Opportunities

Finding Iron In Africa: Stephen Dattels And Promising Opportunities

Stephen Dattels Elaborates On The Prospects Of Iron Exploration In The African Nation Of Cameroon

Stephen Dattels has been working for most of his career in minerals exploration and resource financing and has worked in countries across the globe. In 2007, he co-founded West African Minerals Corporation (originally called Emerging Minerals Limited). Recently, the company’s exploration efforts on a 6,000 square kilometer licensed area have yielded exciting positive results.

Stephen Dattels Explores The Possibility Of Iron Ore Extraction In West Africa

Stephen Dattels announced that West African Minerals Corporation has completed an aeromagnetic survey that has uncovered 30 demagnetized sites. These 30 sites represent good candidates for potential hematite deposits for future extraction.

The best news is that the survey includes a number of sites that could potentially utilize existing infrastructure, including a planned deep-water port at Kribi, which would defray the costs of extraction. As the CEO of West African Minerals Corporation, Stephen Dattels has been working with the government of Cameroon to create a plan to set up extraction operations that would benefit Cameroon, shareholders, and the market at large.

While the project is still in the exploration phase, the results have thus far been positive. Stephen Dattels has been in the resource exploration and financing business for nearly 25 years and these results look exceedingly promising to his expert eye.

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