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Fix A Faulty iPhone Speaker With a Cotton Swab

Fix A Faulty iPhone Speaker With a Cotton Swab

How to fix a broken iPhone speaker with a cotton swab…

Some iPhone users may have run into problems with the speaker not working unless the headphones are plugged in. This common bug, which can cost a pretty penny to have fixed by Apple, is actually very simple to fix at home.

The problem generally arises from water damaged that shorts out the contact switches between the headphones and speaker inside the jack. The speaker itself isn’t usually broken.

A quick clean with a q-tip that has had some cotton removed from one end can solve this issue in a matter of seconds.

Simple take the cotton swab, remove a small portion of the cotton so it fits snugly inside the headphone jack. Insert the swab as far as it will go and rotate it to clean inside. Job done.

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