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How to Remove Scratches from CDs and DVDs

How to Remove Scratches from CDs and DVDs

Get your old CDs or DVDs working again by removing scratches using one of two simple methods.

The concept of the compact disk has definitely stood the test of time and with new technologies such as Blu-Ray still choosing to incorporate similar optical technology, it looks like CDs are here to stay….well, at least for a while anyway.

CD Scratch Remvoal Tip

The versatility of the CD/DVD made home recording a breeze for even the most incompetent computer user, but one major downfall of a media with such a lengthy history, is the ease in which the disks can be scratched and damaged rendering the data unreadable.

With its long standing history as the first and foremost media format, many of us have hundreds even thousands of CD’s and DVD’s all storing our own precious documents, music, videos and photos. And as so many of you know, one tiny scratch can result in the loss of a lot of data.

So is there anything you can do to help remove troublesome scratches from your old disks? Luckily an informative article we found on the net suggests two great ways to help revive your damaged CDs/DVDs.

How to Remove Scratches from CDs and DVDs:

How To Fix a Scratched CD or DVD

First of all, if you haven’t already, you should try cleaning the surface of the CD thoroughly. Even lightly scratched disks may be able to play if they are cleaned properly.

To do this, use a piece of Microfiber cloth and clean you disk using eye-glass cleaner.
Be sure to wipe the CD from the inside out and take care not to touch the reflective surface while doing so.

Note: Do not clean the disk using circular motions. Doing so may worsen the condition of the CD if you accidentally scratch it. It is always better to have a scratch bisecting one location on several tracks rather than affecting the entire length of a single track.

If this method does not solve the problem, you may need to try a slightly more drastic approach.

All that you will need is a soft cotton swab and bit of mild abrasive such as Brasso (Apparently white tooth paste and car rubbing compound may also be effective).

Note: Brasso emits harmful fumes so be sure to perform the task in a well ventilated area.

First collect a small amount of Brasso with your cotton swab.

Gently apply the abrasive to the damaged area of your CD or DVD using small circular motions until the scratch disappears or at least subdues.

Finally rinse the media.

Hopefully your disk should now work, if not, then you may repeat the process and hope for the best!
Don’t forget that these methods can be applied to any type of CD including PS2, PS3 and Xbox games.

House Hold Hacker

Below is a house hold hack for removing CD scratches:

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  1. can i do that to games 2

  2. PS2 and Computer Games will work the same.

  3. i tried the toothpaste but didnt have much success but i did try using Mothers carnuba wax cleaner,terry cloth,and some elbow grease Put the wax on sparingly with some pressure depending on severity it took me 3X for the scratches to almost completly disappear hope this helps.

  4. the first one worked i had bad scratches on my final fantasy IX it worked afterwords i was soooooooooo happpyyyy

  5. it worked great (:

  6. I just tried this method on my NBA2K10 game and it worked! thnx god it worked! I will definitely recommend this method to anyone who ever asks me about this subject!

  7. I can’t believe this worked, there was a huge scratch in a game I got used, it didn’t work at all. I used arm and hammer toothpaste, a q-tip, and after two applications the game worked. Thanks!

  8. can it work for Xbox 360 Games

  9. Does it work for PS3 games?

  10. does it works on ps3 games ?

  11. Does the soda have to be dirt coke?

  12. does it work with blu ray disks

  13. Does this work with red ray?

  14. I am not sure about Red-Ray but it will for Blu-Ray 🙂

  15. does it have to be coke or it can be any type of soda???

  16. none of these work

  17. only works if your blind

  18. what any item that requires a disk clean plz tell me

  19. what stuff you need

  20. My C.O.D. Black Ops game was scratched pretty bad,  and i had no idea how it got scratched and when i tried to play it, it would freeze so i called around about disc repairs and i found out that Blockbuster Video does disc repairs. so i took my game in and the employee asked if my xbox console was standing or laying flat, i told him mine was laying flat but my friends was standing and he asked if i was playing the black ops game on my friends standing xbox console n i said yes so he said thats how it got scratched cause xbox consoles are not made to stand and when they are they usually scratch the hell out of games (recommend you don’t stand your xbox up). so the nice blockbuster employee put my game in the repair machine and said it would take about 12 mins so i waited and i got it back and gave her a test (thinking it wasn’t going to work and id have to buy a new copy) and to my surprise the game worked like new. So if u have a scratched disc of any kind (music, dvd, game) i recommend u go to your local Blockbuster Video for disc repair.

  21. Please do not try these methods on Ps3 or Blue ray, it will not help and it will destroy the disk, I used to resurface damaged disks where I worked and you CANNOT rub scratches out of these.

    • Bluray and PS3 dics CAN have scratches renoved….. Basically, if you can see a REFLECTION to the scratch, on any type of disc (i.e. Bluray, XB360, PS3, WII ‘U’, DVD, etc), by holding it up to the light on an angle, then it is repairable. You just need to find someone with a machine capable of performing the ‘delicate’ removal of the said scratch. If you can’t see a reflection to the scratch, then that indicates that the scratch is so deep, it has perforated the foil, which the laser reads data from, and that is then unrepairable. A scratch that has perforated the foil indicates VERY rough treatment of the disc. Most discs, as ‘irrepairable’ as they seem, CAN be returned to ‘as new’ condition. You need to find someone with a Disc-Go-Devil disc cleaning machine. I own a Blockbuster DVD store in Australia and use this machine. It gets what appear to be ‘irrepairable’ discs back to a condition no different to when they were first opened. An amazing machine. Absolutely amazing. And I’ve cleaned close to 2000-3000 discs in it (all types) and they now all work as they should……continuously without stopping and starting!

  22. i agree, don’t use this on blue ray!! effs them up.
    just got my ps3 problems fixed with THIS! i’m not gonna go destroying my games now 😉

  23. now now it worked on my ps3 game for black ops i loved it…my little brothers scratched the disc to hell and i put it on 3 times and let it soak for about 10 minutes. the game worked and i was hella happy thanks dude

  24. Ok… so I tried it with the best hopes. Did it twice… I believe that I did it right, but I ended up with a lot of tiny light curcular scratches on my disk, and the bigger scratches did not come out. I used the video method. (sigh). Any feed back? Will try Carnuba Wax cleaner next. I really do appreciate this blog. It gives us hope to resurrect games. BTW used Aquafresh toothpaste extra whitening. Don’t know if that is why it didn’t work. Good luck to the rest of you!

  25. Yea, this DOES NOT WORK on PS3 games, I cleaned my copy of Bad Company 2 like that, and its damaged beyond repair now. Now I have to buy a new copy.

  26. I tried this on my grand theft auto iv for the ps3 and neither of these solutions worked, in fact i believe they made the matter worse. I don’t know if this is only the case for playstation 3 games but i would not advise these methods, but thanks for the advise anyway.

  27. Thanks I just got a used copy of Modern Warfare 2 and followed all the steps. Worked perfectly.

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