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High Quality HD Video Calling

High Quality HD Video Calling

New HD video calling promises smoother HD video conferencing….

The evolution of applications such as MSN and Yahoo Messenger, Skype and Face Time is testament to the fact the video calling is here to stay. And while some of these apps have been around for years, video conferencing as we know it is about to get a whole lot smoother.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, the same people that invented MP3 compression, have developed a new low-delay, high-quality video conferencing system known as the telepresence@home HD.

fraunhofer telepresence hd video calling

Telepresence HD Video Calling

Current systems that offer such fluidity require dedicated hardware but Fraunhofer’s new technology is built using inexpensive computer parts. Project manager Dr. Nikolaus Faerber explained:

“Current low delay video technologies require either a much higher bit-rate or rely on very expensive dedicated hardware. However, Fraunhofer’s solution is based on PC hardware, which is widely available at a very competitive price. The result is an HD video conferencing system for the home that delivers the best possible communication experience at a low cost.”

The new low delay video technology encodes and decodes high quality H.246 video and utilizes a custom-designed low-delay grabber card to enable high-quality video conferencing with less than 100 ms delay end-to-end.

Together with Fraunhofer’s Audio Communication Engine, which uses the MPEG audio compression codec “AAC Enhanced Low Delay” to provide CD quality sound, users of the telepresence@home HD video conference can “experience completely natural conversation just as if the participants were sitting in the same room.”

The technology was developed as part of the European Union’s “Together Anywhere Together Anytime” (TA2) project, which plans to bring new media experiences to people in order to ‘nurture’ relationships, and although there is no set release date,

Fraunhofer will be showing off their new gadget at the IFA TecWatch 3-8th September.

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New HighTed-EDGE

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