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Free Open Source Alternatives To Expensive Applications

Free Open Source Alternatives To Expensive Applications

We have gathered up a list of free online and open source alternatives to expensive popular applications.

Staying up to date with the latest software and applications can be expensive. Professional applications like Photoshop and Microsoft Office certainly don’t come cheap, even the Windows operating system required to run your PC is costly.

Many are unaware of expensive applications’ free open source and online alternatives.

Open source products comprise the work of many collaborators. Each person works on small portions of a project, and anyone is welcome to contribute. The finished product is available freely for anyone to download or even modify.

After the jump is a list of fourteen free open source applications

Linux Operating System Vs Windows – First up, for those who didn’t already know, the Linux OS is a popular alternative to Windows XP (or which ever version you are using i.e. Vista, 2003 etc). Everything you can do in Windows can be done in Linux, sometimes even better and with more control. Linux is open source and has been around for quiet a long time, so it’s not surprising that there are tons of applications out there that offer the same type of functionality that many of our favorite Windows applications have. All of the applications that we mention below are available for Linux.

Google Docs Vs Microsoft Office 2007 – Google Docs includes the same creation applications for creating word documents, spreadsheets and presentations as MS Office.

Gmail Vs Microsoft Outlook – Online Gmail accounts from Google have tons of space, instant messaging, built in search technology, no banner ads, and are available in 40 languages.

MS Excel 2007 Vs chartAll – is a free online web service where you can create, store and publish simple charts from your own data sources. Charts can be customized with colors, themes, and fonts.

XMMS Vs Winamp – XMMS is practically a clone of Winamp made for Linux. If you are comfortable with using Winamp then you’ll feel right at home using XMMS. It even allows you to use Winamp skins…what more can you ask for?

AmaroK Vs iTunes – AmaroK includes many of the same features that iTunes provides. Definitely worth cheking out if you insist on organising your music library in much the same way.

K3b Vs Nero – K3b is a sure competitor against Nero. Just about anything you can do in Windows in regards to burning a CD or DVD, you can do with K3b.

Evolution Vs Microsoft Outlook – Evolution is a great mail client that provides integrated mail, address book, and calendar functional, pretty much the same as Outlook.

Mozilla Thunderbird Vs Microsoft Outlook – Mozilla Thunderbird is another great mail client that is fast, easy to use and very reliable. Microsoft Outlook may be the cause of many IT problems; some businesses report that a switch to Thunderbird can reduce internal technical support by up to 25%.

The Gimp Vs Adobe Photoshop – The Gimp is easy to use application that also covers most of the functions found in Photoshop.

Splash Up Vs Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Splashup is an online photo image editing app that contains similar photo editing tools found in Photoshop CS3 and can integrate seamlessly with popular photo sharing services.

VLC Vs Windows Media Player – VLC is an exceptionally functional media player that not only handles almost any media format you throw at it, but will stream stuff from the Web and play your DVDs. It’s kind of simple easy to use and covers nearly all the same functions as Windows Media Player or any other media center.

7zip Vs Winzip – 7-Zip zips and unzips just like WinZip but does so for free. It’s also capable of encrypting archives.

Audacity Vs Adobe Audition – Audacity is a digital audio editor and mixing platform, complete with a graphical user interface and cross-platform OS support. This is one of the most popular open source downloads ever.

These fourteen free open source alternatives to Windows applications are really only the tip of the iceberg. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed here then a simple Google search will have you tracking down your favorite open source alternative in no time.

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One Comment

  1. not much detail here regards the more complex apps. gimp vs ps. i rarely use pic editors, but read the only advantage of ps vs gimp is cymk support. however i’ve since read that there’s a gimp cymk addon.
    i found this page via google audacity vs cooledit/audition. it appears audition has advantages vs audacity, but for certain audio/recording pros.

    and.. as sometimes mentioned in these posix vs win listings, a lot of freeware and oss win32’s run in n*x on wine. irfanview4 has troubles [ php?sClass=version&iId=7834]
    proxo works fine [1st 3 links:

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