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Fring Free Video Calls

Fring Free Video Calls

Make free video calls with iPhone and Nokia handsets using Fring VoIP software...

I love to feature quirky useful applications that can be used by everyone, on an everyday basis. That’s why I posted about the increasingly popular Fring application that allows free Voice over Internet Protocol calls cross-platform , on pretty much any smartphone handset.

Well it seems there was good reason for me to jump on the Fring bandwagon, as the company have just announced that video calls are now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Unfortunately, because the iPhone doesn’t have a forward facing camera, video calls are limited to one way, however select Nokia handsets can handle 2-way calls.

The application currently only works over a WiFi connection, no word if or when it will support 3G, however it shouldn’t be long before the application is compatible with more handsets.

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