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Fuel Cell Recharges Smartphone 14 Times

Fuel Cell Recharges Smartphone 14 Times

Lilliputain Systems fuel cell charger keeps devices powered for weeks…

A new fuel charger, developed by Lilliputian Systems, claims to keep your device charged for two weeks, in one replaceable cartridge.

Unlike battery packs, which need to be plugged into the wall, or solar cell chargers that need light to store power, the fuel cell charger derives it power from butane gas.

The charger is about the size of a large smart phone, and the cartridges around the size of a cigarette lighter. Each cartridge holds enough gas to fully charge a dead iPhone up to 14 times.

lilliputian butane fuel cell chargers

Lilliputian Butane Fuel Cell Chargers

The device will be available later this year from Brookstone, and although prices haven’t been announced, Mouli Ramani, vice president of business development at Lilliputian Systems said ‘the cartridges will sell for around ‘the same price as a Starbucks coffee.’

Perhaps in the future, we’ll even see the inclusion of a re-fill feature so the cartridge can be filled with butane from the store.

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