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Keep Flash Videos in Full Screen On Dual Monitors

Keep Flash Videos in Full Screen On Dual Monitors

Keep your flash videos in full screen while multi-tasking with dual monitors...

If you’re running a dual monitor set-up, you’ll have noticed that flash videos streamed from sites such as Youtube and Hulu, won’t stay maximized on one screen while you try to work on the other – as soon as you click, the full screen video returns to normal size.

If you’re a video junkie like myself, you’ll no doubt find this very annoying. But, thanks to blogger/browser patcher d.i.z., there is a quick, simple hack to rectify this problem.

Full Screen Screen Flash On Dual Monitors

Full Screen Screen Flash On Dual Monitors

Simply grab d.i.z.’s modified NPSWF32.dll file from and replace the one located in:

  • C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\ or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\ folder on Windows 7 64-bit

Don’t forget to back up the original file just in case something goes wrong.

After replacing the .dll file and restarting your browser, you should be able to multi-task without loosing full-screen playback.

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  1. sweeeeeeeet  thanks.  i found your site when i searched google for: “youtube won’t stay full screen multiple monitor”
    thanks a lot man! 😀

  2. How do I do this for episodes?
    Please and thank yoU!

  3. hope it works

  4. Have faith Warst. It does and multi-tasking while watching videos has never been better. This bugged us so much too.

  5. I just tried it. It doesn’t work. Why on earth would Adobe not make this a feature that can be switched on or off? This is so freaken anoying it drives me crazy. I got 3 monitors here.

  6. Doesn’t Work,

    May the deal is you are using three monitors. The fix I know works with 2 monitors (which is why we called the post “Keep Flash Videos in Full Screen On Dual Monitors“).

    After you install you will need to reboot as well. We will search around and see what we can find. If there is a separate fix for this, we will be sure to make that a post as well.

  7. is it safe? my NPSWF32 file is 5MB this version is 3,7MB

  8. Ok,

    What am I missing. I have done this sort of *.dll rename many times befor for many other tweaks etc. But I do not see the dll in the following directory on a Win7 64 bit box. 
     C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash (copied this directly from my explorer window)
    The only dll I have is FlashUtil10h_ActiveX.dll. I always change folder options to show hidden files.  Sow what am I missing. All help is appreciate.


  9. Just do a full C: drive search for NPSWF32.dll

    It will show you the directory it is in and then you can do the hack that way as well.

  10. I have done that, I have even  searched with a wildcard *.dll.  I have two partitions and searched both for the specfiic dll. Just in case somehow flash installed there. I am an admin on the box. hmmm

  11. Don’t for get that every time Adobe updates flash the hack is a little different, so the dll with this article is probably not going to work.

  12. Yes, works for 3 monitors.  But use FireFox or Opera.  IE and Chrome didn’t even notice when I renamed my original NPSWF32.dll without replacing it, and that’s after rebooting.  FF noticed the old dll was gone, and the new one works as advertised.  I can only guess IE and Chrome install Flash differently, but I don’t care to worry about it since I use FireFox normally.  Win 7, x64.

  13. This doesnt seem to work any more. Bummer man, this is really annoying.

  14. yup, this no longer works. god i hate adobe

  15. This still works. As mentioned above, only Firefox and Opera (and possibly Safari) will detect this: Chrome uses its own DLL and IE used an ActiveX plugin.
    Search the DLL file in a Hex Editor for the following string
    74 39 83 E8 07 74 11 83 E8 05 75 13 8B
    and change the first two hex digits to
    90 90 83 E8 07 74 11 83 E8 05 75 13 8B
    It’s as simple as that!

    Does not work for Firefox, but does work for IE.

  17. Anyone know of a mac safari way to fix this problem?

  18. on macs, you can do this by tricking the flash software, though you’ll need to use a second browser if you want to work online.
    all you need to do is switch applications (command-tab) RIGHT after you punch flash into full screen. if you do it fast enough, flash will process the full screen command but miss the fact that you’re working on the other monitor. found this on another thread, been watching football in safari and browsing in firefox all afternoon :).

    FYI, if this doesnt work then do as he suggests and download the older version of flash he says to on his site. Uninstall current version of flash first, then install then run this hack. Works a charm, and NOTHING else has worked for me.

  20. dang, I want this sooo bad, but there is no way in hell I’m gonna go into my computer files and mess around!  signed, pissed off that no company but silverlite has asked me if i want my video to stay full screen.

  21. What if I have a 32 bit windows 7 installation? upgrade to 64 is not viable for me as it is incompatible with some software I need to use.

  22. Does a fix for Flash 10.3 NPSWF32.DLL exist?

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