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Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Get your hands on gaming notebooks that are designed and optimized exclusively for serious, hard-core gamers.

Gaming laptops are the hottest products available. The ideal gaming laptop, is one that offers the power of a desktop computer and the benefits of a mobile laptop. There are many specs to choose from and when deciding on from the best gaming laptops there are some important considerations to be aware of.

Gaming Laptop Power

When having a laptop, the number one benefit is the ability to take computing with you. Travel anywhere and do not worry about being tethered to the wall. Power outlets are not always available and laptops allow you to setup your gaming shop anywhere.

However, laptop batteries have not been able to keep up with the gaming demands. It is important that you check the battery life of your gaming laptop before purchasing. If you require a longer battery life, compare these specs. Often manufacturers will advertise battery life of a laptop during basic operations, which can be a little misleading since gamers don’t operate at basic.

You can also consider getting an additional battery pack to switch to when the other goes dead.

Bigger batteries and more batteries brings us to our next important consideration.

Gaming Laptop Weight

The bigger the laptop the more the weight. Although it is mobile, it might not be the most convenient. Long trips seem longer with a heavy laptop.

Some don’t mind though. They rather sacrifice the additional weight for more performance. Most however rather have some sort of compromise. With flights creating restrictions on baggage allowance, and backpacks only able to fit so much weight is another important consideration.

Gaming Laptop Display

Some laptops have been able to take on the name of desktop replacements with the large displays. Some even surpassing the massive 19-inch displays. For most this will be the first spec they look at to help narrow down their choices of possible gaming laptops.

However, this will again add to weight and power consumption. An alternative that you might look for is the Intel Wireless Display. Buy a compact 15-inch laptop for daily use, and switch to a HDTV when its game time. Project your video game from your laptop free of wires or with a HDMI cable to a larger display.

When purchasing your laptop look at the video card outputs and capabilities. Know what the maximum resolution and qualities are. If your video card has a good amount of on board memory it is a real plus!

Gaming Laptop Design

Although the next really has nothing to do with gaming performance it is an important consideration by many – style. Many want to standout from other gamers or have the ability to personalize their laptop.

Some want just want a back-lit keyboard for night gaming, while others want the laptop itself to emit lighting to possible invoke fear into their fellow gamers and competitors.

Extra styling and effects will add to the price of the laptop, so others go flat black and stick with paying for performance. You can add additional accessories or customization after you receive your laptop.

For those that care about function over fashion still will want to consider the design and layout of the laptop. How the keys feel and how easy it is to use (specifically the arrow and WASD keys). Some buyers notice these subtle yet annoying design flaws after they use their laptop.

Never buy a laptop based on the cover – or however that saying goes. Make sure you check under the hood and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the laptop you are considering.

There are many gaming laptops available. When choosing a laptop, spend the time to research or seek professional advice. You will want to make sure you notebook matches your needs.

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