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Gemini-Scout Bot UGV

Gemini-Scout Bot UGV

Gemini-Scout Bot searches for survivors of mining disasters...

All manner of robotic vehicles robots designed for various missions, but where most are primarily developed to seek out and sometime destroy human targets, Sandia National Labs new Gemini-Scout is actually designed to lead search and rescue teams in the event of a mining disaster.

One of the main problems that face search and rescue team in the vent of mines collapse is the serous lack of information about what’s going on underground. There are many factors to consider before heading down into the mine to search for survivors; weaknesses in the mine shafts that support the tunnels, poisonous vapors, explosive gases, flooded tunnels, etc. In this situation it’s critical that rescue workers don’t rush in blind so as not to cause another disaster.

gemini-scout bot ugv

Gemini-Scout Bot UGV

The Gemini-Scout is designed to swerve all these hazards by searching for survivors and assessing threats before allowing humans to enter. Remote controlled using a standard Xbox controller; the UGV comes equipped with an array of sensors that detect the treat of explosive methane gases and other flammable vapors.

All its electronics come house in blast proof casing so if an explosion does occur, not only will the electronics remain intact, but any sparks coming off the device will not trigger another blast. Not only that, but the bot and its sensors can operate in up to 18 inches of water; the bot itself will still operate when it’s completely submerged, however this does render the important sensors useless.

The Gemini-Scout also features a thermal camera to search for survivors and a two-way radio so anyone found can communicate with operators on the surface.

In the clip you can see the bot climbing downstairs, traversing rough wet ground, and climbing up a 45 degree bank of gravel.

The Gemini-Scout was unveiled at the AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) robot conference in D.C., August 16-19th.

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